Zaneboni, Raphaelle
Le Reve de Melusine - Quatuor
for,Flute, Violin (Clarinet),Violoncello (Bassoon) & Piano
Verlag: Köbl EditionStil: ModerneArt-Nr.: FK85017 Level: (3-4) 

for flute (with piccolo and alto flute or bass flute ad lib.), violin or A clarinet, violoncello or bassoon and piano

Duration approximately: 9 min.

To speak out (ad libitum)
A - Unconsciousness (measure 1)
B - Always the same dream (measure 10)
C - Everywhere Darkness (measure 99)
D - Ocean stream (measure 192)
E - Hopelessness (measure 242)
F - Blue screen (measure 255)

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